Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Re-baler

The main aspect of our business is re-baling hay and straw, into small square bales. We re-bale our own hay and straw as well as doing custom re-baling for other farmers. The re-baler is basically a series of tables and conveyors that separate and loosen the hay so that it can be fed into a small square baler.

1. The staging table netting (on round bales) or twine ( large squares) is removed in this area so that it can be loosened by the next tables:

2. Here is the unrolling table (this table is angled up so that a round bail will unroll rather than just move forward):

3. The loosening table (the tines can be rotated as needed to break up the thick mats of hay)


4. The feeder table (feeds the hay into the baler)


5. This shot shows an old bale elevator we use to get the hay to either the trailers we are loading or just to make stacking in the middle easier (the control room in the background)

This is the control room we built so that one guy can be out of the dust while we are bailing:


The unroller is run with five hydrolic levers that are plugged into the tractor, and the baler is run off of its PTO:


 The whole set-up is housed in our 30 x 90 hoop building; we do most of our  re-baling from fall through new crop hay. We bale almost strictly on  an as-needed basis. We do try and keep a hundred or so bales of hay and straw on hand at all times but usually no more than that, as there is no need to handle the bales twice. 

Here is a photo of some of our hay and straw being stored in our shed waiting to be baled:

Thats our business in a nutshell thanks for looking and if you need hay or straw feel free to contact us at the number at the top of the page.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

General Info About Us

My name is Jordan, and I help my dad with our farm. The main thing we deal with is hay and straw--we buy and sell hay.

A few years ago, our business got to a point where we just couldn't square bale enough hay in a summer to meet the demands of our customers. It was a real pain trying to run around and buy small square bales from other people and then resell them for very little profit just to maintain our hard-earned customers. So, eventually we found the solution to our problems. We bought a machine that will re-bale large square bales--or large round bales into small bales. If you deal with hay, you already know that you get a lot more money per ton if you have good, quality hay in small squares. This blog is about our business, and--no, I won't lie--it's also hopefully about getting a few new customers, as well. More posts to come and pictures of our set up.